Drs. Tom and Sue Klein
Drs. Tom and Sue Klein, DVM

Doctors Tom & Sue are both graduates of Michigan State University where they received their degrees in Veterinary Medicine in 1983. One month after graduation they married, and their early career path led them to Lancaster, Pa. During their stay there Dr. Tom dealt exclusively with large animals and Dr. Sue with small animals. They often entertain staff & clients with colorful stories of their early days among the Amish people. They remained there for 4 years before deciding to start their own practice in Hilliard. Dr. Sue's family lived in the Columbus area, and it seemed like a natural location to develop their own veterinary practice. In the early days, it was just Drs. Tom & Sue (and of course their infamous dog, 'Buddy') manning the whole business---no technicians, no office staff, no vet students. They did it all. The business quickly began growing, and soon it became necessary to add staff until today where there is a staff of ten employees.

Over the past several years, Dr. Tom has developed a special interest in veterinary dentistry and has a clientele that now reaches beyond the borders of Ohio. He is working toward his board certification with the American Veterinary Dental College. He is adjunct professor of dentistry at the College of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University and also does dentistry at the Columbus Zoo. Dr. Tom recently served as president of The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association. It is a credit to his abilities that he was the youngest veterinarian in the OVMA's history to serve in this capacity.

Dr. Sue likewise has a busy schedule seeing clients in addition to managing the demanding business end of an ever growing and changing veterinary clinic. It goes without saying she has the unrelenting task of keeping Dr. Tom focused in his many endeavors. Their careers truly compliment one another.

Drs. Tom & Sue both enjoy and take pride in gardening as is evident in the landscaping at East Hilliard Veterinary Services. They believe in the importance of a healthy life style and enjoy golfing as time allows. Both being somewhat competitive, the better golfer of the two depends on which one you ask! As many know, Dr. Tom is an avid runner and participates in several marathons a year both locally and nationwide. Dr. Sue has become well known for her culinary skills---as all the staff here at EHVS can attest!!

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