Laboratory Services and Diagnostics

Diagnostic Lab Work 

East Hilliard Veterinary Services offers a variety of laboratory services for your pet. Our in-house laboratory is fully equipped to perform internal and external parasite identification, ear cytology, tissue cytology, complete blood counts, biochemical profiles, electrolyte analysis, and urine evaluations. Blood work and urine testing is essential for drug use monitoring, pre-anesthetic workups, and screenings for illness such as diabetes, mellitus, kidney disease, bladder infections, and/or stones. For our feline patients we also test for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus. In addition to our in house lab services, we utilize local and national veterinary laboratory services for evaluation of blood, urine, tissue samples, and cell samples.

0522151045eGlaucoma Screening

Glaucoma is a serious and painful disease caused by increased pressure in the eye. Early detection is critical. Using a specialized instrument called a Tonopen we can quickly and painlessly screen our patients for glaucoma.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

 Yes, animals do have complications from high blood pressure. If your pet has a medical condition that increases the risk of hypertension our technicians are trained on the use of a Doppler monitor. This is the most accurate detection/screening device and is totally painless.


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