“Barbie De Noel has a medical condition where she needs special food for vomiting and Dr. Sue discovered that the high protein grain free food was appropriate. We would try one and Barbie did not like it, so with doctor direction, we would try another. Dr. Sue provided various sources to find other foods that could work until we found the food that Barbie’s taste buds and body enjoyed. We found that Natures variety instinct seemed to be the top pick, Barbie likes the rabbit-both dry and wet diet. Since starting this food the vomiting has reduced over 50% in using food alone.

I am extremely grateful for Dr. Sue’s help. Barbie seems healthier and happier. This has been a huge breakthrough in Barbie’s health. Dr. Sue has been her Vet of choice for previous cats and is outstanding, her knowledge of medicine and chemistry has further extended the life of her pets. Dr. Sue digs deep and spends extra time to help find specialized food and to make sure they have good quality of life. She truly goes above and beyond.”

Linda Raison with Barbie De Noel